Why I’m sticking with my freelance work and not looking for a full-time job

Anees Khan
3 min readJun 15, 2022
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If you are a IT freelancer like me, most probably you would have faced some surge of recruiters and companies rushing head over heels to hire you either for themselves or for their client companies.

The temptation is great. The salary expectation is also increasing, especially in the IT field. The demand is way over the supply, it seems.

So, why am I not moving my butt over?

Well, it’s due to a series of factor. Let me talk about just ONE:

Money is Time

Many people are waking up to the fact that the old adage “Time is Money” is making lesser sense now. “Time is Money” means: if I’m wasting time talking to you, I rather be using that time to make money for myself. Because money is all-important, more than talking with you. Or spending time with a child. Or spending time with a spouse. Or simply to stop to admire a flower.

That mentality, fortunately, seems to be changing. Many are valuing the newer currency, which is Time, more. Money comes, money goes. But you only have THAT much time in your lifetime. Experiences are what you want to fill your life with. Fruitful experiences. Experiences that makes life worth living for.

So, no more Time is Money. It’s Money is Time. One should rather spend more if he can recover time for better things in life.

So, about getting that job.

Transport to-and-fro:
1–2 hours: TIME WASTED

Useless meetings:
x hours (you know your company, and I know mine, at least my ex-company)
TIME WASTED (usually)

Unnecessary corporate social events:
Some are good. But the issue is, some are bad, and you can’t pick and choose what you want to attend.
TIME WASTED (usually)

In other words, once you entered the employment world, your greatest asset (Time) is signed off to the place of employment. It can even be in one of those prestigious monster companies, like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Tik Tok and the likes. But the truth remains the same.

Anees Khan

Anees Khan is a freelance web and mobile app developer, and a software developer, for the past 28 years, and is running Getcha Solutions (getcha.com)