Why a one-man freelance web developer is better than a team

Photo by Grzegorz Walczak on Unsplash
  • Client notices that the app is not sending invoice to the client after the technician closes the on-site job Work Order on his app.
  • Client doesn’t use a helpdesk ticket system to get me, heck no! He uses what he knows best. Either he calls me or whatsapp me or direct-email me, according to his preference, and relates the issue.
  • I listen, understand, ask questions, if necessary, and hang up.
  • I get down to issue immediately. Code was done by me, and NOBODY else, not my employee, not my team member. So, I know why this could have happened, almost immediately. And just as immediately, I can rectify it.
  • And I then whatsapp-reply to my Client “Issue fixed, pls check”, and he’s happy. And I’m happy. Business resumes as normal for him. And for me.



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Anees Khan

Anees Khan

Anees Khan is a freelance web and mobile developer for the past 26 years, and is running Getcha Solutions (getcha.com)