What Motivates You to Code

Syed Anees Khan
3 min readDec 24, 2021


A client asked me this recently. I answered him then. I write about it below.

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My personal opinion is that we are all wired to BUILD. We have to build/develop/create something out of the “spare parts” that you can find. There are some who claim they are not that type. But I feel otherwise, and that there’s a creator in ALL of us.

It doesn’t have to be in programming. For example, a guitar musician might even forgo his sleep while he is totally indulged in creating his next “masterpiece” as he works through the night. A passionate footballer might not even feel the cramps and pains in his legs as he keeps pushing on honing his craft of passion.

But try asking the guitarist to play football, and the footballer to play guitar. They might not even last 5 minutes. So, like how the wand must find his owner in Harry Potter, like how the Avatar must blend as one with his own horse in the movie Avatar, we too have to find the passion key to our own lock of life.

And unlock it.

And I have found mine. It’s called programming or coding. It started in the 90s, during the dotcom awakening era. Yes, there were many among my friends who also took up web designing, which was the hot field at that time. So, we were a group.

But, one by one, they dropped. Then, I realized the difference between practicing a craft for money, and out of passion. I was the only one left standing. It seems like this was what I was born to do. Even if the market demand was not there, most probably I would have still gone down this programming line.

Everyone have their reasons for practicing their craft. My reason: for every project, it just starts out as an idea, a thought in the head. Then, like a baby forming in the embryo, I give it the relevant features, and it grows. It becomes useful. It becomes purposeful.

And I give it MORE features. And it becomes even more powerful. It serves the needs of my clients and their customers.

And I’m there, standing on the sidelines, as a creator, seeing all these happening. Call it dopamine or whatever the hormone name, the feeling I get from this is just indescribable. It’s just ecstasy.

With that boost, I’m just full-charged to go for my next project. And that explains my motivation to code.


About the Author

Anees Khan is a freelance web developer for the past 26 years, and is running Getcha Solutions to help companies get the latest tech for their business needs, requirements and operational workflows. And yes, his home is his office. His office is his home.

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Syed Anees Khan

Syed Anees Khan is a freelance web and mobile app developer, and a software developer, for the past 28 years, and is running Getcha Solutions (getcha.com)