This is why I don’t believe in 100% Free Speech

Anees Khan
2 min readNov 15, 2021


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One simply CANNOT be allowed to say WHATEVER he feels.
Only 2-faced snakes advocate for that.

Why so?

Well, we have bad labels to brand people who try to practice what is supposedly 100% free speech. You can’t just talk your mind out about the womenfolk (gender bias).

Neither can you easily talk your mind about a race (racist). Nor can you talk your mind out about Jews (anti-Semitism). Nor can you talk about gays (anti-gays).

Heck, what freedom of speech, world!

But it’s okay to talk WHATEVER you want, even if unverified, about Muslims and Islam. There don’t exist a bad-label for such people. In fact, if you try to stop such talkers, you yourself will be branded as impeding freedom of speech.

This is where the 2-face thing comes about. Ultimately, it’s just about the bigger bully defining what is morally right and wrong, like the pigs in Animal Farm.

In fact, Islam is just one example. Such bullying is also present to smaller countries as well.

Refer this article:

This Amos Yee example is a clear-cut example. It’s okay for Amos talk WHATEVER he wants, even using vulgarities, about a leader (Lee Kuan Yew) who brought up a country in an undeniably significant way, in a relatively short period of time. When Singapore takes action against Amos, US doesn’t like it at all! “Heck, Singapore, don’t impede freedom of speech”.

So, Amos moved to US, and does his “freedom of speech” thing there. Guess who suddenly didn’t like what they themselves preached? Yes, suddenly the US made a U turn and does what Singapore did. Arrest Yee.

Ok, bigger bully, we get it. What you say, and only what you say, is right.

Even the above TodayOnline article was edited. I read the first version. “It was diffficult being Singapore”. All the bad reference to US were taken out. Yes, we are not allowed to do what’s right, but must be faced by 2-faced snakes who define THEIR “morals” on other peoples’ grounds, but not on their own.

I look forward and wish for the days when things are more fairer to all people of the planet, unequivocally.



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