Diary of a Programmer [11]

They label my laziness as discipline

Syed Anees Khan


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A few years ago, I was being interviewed by someone who ran a certain publication. The article was about how a freelancer (that is myself) had ran a freelance web development and programming service for over 2 decades.

During the interview, there were many questions she (the reporter) asked, and I just answered them truthfully, as and how it happens. More than for her, it was also for me a great eye-opener, to see how I’m actually running my own business.

All these insights have, over the years, auto-molded into my subconscious, that I do not see it distinctly anymore . So, yes, it was an eye-opener for me as well.

Anyway, during the interview, she somehow got the impression that I’m a very disciplined person. Why? Maybe it was the systematic and procedural method of how I do things in general.

Or more specifically, how I carry out my web and mobile development projects, which is as follows:

  1. When a Client gives me a Project, I don’t just accept it and somehow work on it (a mistake I still see many developers doing). Instead, I create a Specs Doc, that covers ALL the modules that have to be developed. Also, any other miscellaneous tasks or items that are part of the project.
  2. In the Specs Doc, I also include a Timeline Table, for the Client to know and expect which parts (modules) will be completed by when.
  3. During project development time, I ensure that the respective modules are completed by that respective deadlines. And updated to the Client accordingly.

At this point, she was visibly impressed!

Wow, how are you so disciplined?

But, how do you manage all these tasks, and all by yourself, within the respective time frames?

And a couple of other similar questions then cropped up.

That got me thinking. Why is she so impressed? Is what I’m doing rare? Why is she calling it “Discipline” and “Time Management” and other such big-words?

If you have me label it, I would have called it “Laziness”.



Syed Anees Khan

Syed Anees Khan is a freelance web and mobile app developer, and a software developer, for the past 28 years, and is running Getcha Solutions (getcha.com)